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Terms and Conditions

  • Jura Girls Netball Club (JGNC) is open to girls aged 7-18.

  • Fees for the full membership year must be paid in one payment by bank transfer by the 2nd training session of the start of each membership year.  We operate a ‘no pay, no play’ policy, which means that the member will not be allowed to participate until full payment has been received.  Continued non-payment will result in loss of place.

  • A refund will only be given for illness or injury with a medical certificate, less 10% of fees for administration charges

  • Every member is required to have full medical, accident, and liability insurance.

  •  Any loss or wilful damage of property or equipment may be invoiced to member’s parents.

  • JGNC will not be held responsible for loss or damage to any personal possessions.

  • Mobile phones are not to be used during training and should be left in bags.

  • Club kit and appropriate sports shoes must be worn during play.

  • All members are expected to behave responsibly whilst representing the Club and at training sessions.

  • Hair must be tied off the face and up if long enough. Fingernails must be trimmed short and smooth to avoid injury to others. No adornment or jewellery is to be worn at training or matches.

  • A medical alert bracelet may be worn provided it is covered with tape.

  • We kindly request that parents drop off and pick up their children promptly at Club sessions. For insurance reasons, parents cannot stay in the Dome to watch training.

  • Jura balances the importance of growing our competitiveness by creating an opportunity for all members to enjoy and learn from participating in tournaments and match play. To this end, multiple full teams (defined as a minimum of 8 players) will be entered whenever possible. 

  • When selecting a member, a coach will take into account the following when making decisions on teams: regularity in attendance at practice, attitude, confirmation of match attendance, and team competitiveness. 

  • For match or competition play, up to 12 members may be selected per team, however, court time is not guaranteed.  If a member doesn’t take to the court, it is understandable for them to be upset, however, we request the member respects the coach’s decision and remember that they are all part of the squad and to be proud.


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