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Mission Statement and Vision

Jura Girls Netball Club (JGNC) aims to contribute to the sporting education and personal growth of its members through developing skills, teamwork, mutual respect, and participation in netball.

JGNC will be built upon a culture of inclusion and community spirit, with a strong emphasis on the development of our players and members, offering opportunities to play, coach, manage, umpire or participate at the committee level, in a fun, friendly, supportive, inclusive and safe environment.

We have an understanding and belief that each and every individual has a valuable contribution to

make to JGNC. 


Progressive and Empowering Netball Community committed to good sporting values



Recruit and develop members to compete and achieve results fostering community spirit and personal growth.

Values Statement


  1. Teamwork

Teamwork involves all committee members and volunteers working together to achieve common goals.

 2.  Enjoyment

We will provide opportunities for all players to participate in netball, with the emphasis on fun and


3. Professionalism

We aim to carry out quality work with a high standard of professional ethics and morals at all times.



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